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Confident Mums Retreat is an exclusive Afrocentric women's travel wellness and empowerment event for women seeking to find a safe community, recharge and transform their lives and relationships. Expect interactive workshops, community service projects, local excursions and time for self-reflection. Confident Mums Retreat offers women the opportunity to be part of a safe community where self-care is normalized without guilt.

Held bi-annually on the African continent, the retreat helps equip participants with resources and tools through expert led

workshops and wellness activities to confidently show up as their best self.


Dolly Fonkeng

As a mum who has undergone three C-sections, back-to-back pregnancies, and had three babies within four years, I have quite an interesting story to share. Hi, I'm Dolly, also known as the confident mom coach. My motherhood journey led me to add retreat host to my many caps so I could help other women normalize self-care without guilt. I've had challenging pregnancies to say the least as my first child was born via C-section after a grueling 90-hours plus induced labor because of preeclampsia complications in 2019. My second was born in 2020 through a planned C-section and our last also born via planned C-section in 2022. The third birth was the most traumatic of all my births as our little diva arrived earlier than the doctors had anticipated, resulting in an almost ruptured uterus, 6cm dilation, and active contractions by the time we reached the emergency room. I hope to never experience such an ordeal again even though I believe these experiences led to this testimony you just read. Motherhood is beautiful yet insanely challenging hence why I lost myself in the process in 2019. It took a quality circle of women supporting me, intentional habits and discipline to find myself again and I've never looked back. I have normalized selfcare without guilt in my day-to-day life and want to help you do same.

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